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Your eligibility

Before applying for your complimentary cover we need to make sure you are eligible. Please make sure you read the following carefully and you meet all of our eligibility criteria below:

  • All drivers:
    • are aged over 21.
    • hold a current full UK, EU or Japanese driving licence.
    • only require use for Social Domestic and Pleasure purposes and commuting to and from a permanent place of work.
  • The policyholder:
    • will be the registered owner and keeper of the insured vehicle.
    • is acceptable for an annual policy quotation following checks of the policyholders and named drivers personal information by fraud prevention agencies.
  • Where applicable, the second driver on the policy:
    • is the customer's spouse, civil partner, common-law partner, parent, offspring or sibling.
  • The vehicle to be insured:
    • is not modified (other than optional extras).
    • is not a Q plate.
    • does not have more than 8 seats (including the drivers seat).
    • does not exceed £50,000 in value (only applies to non-Toyota and Lexus models).